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Gas Leak Repairs in Elkhart

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Gas leaks are extremely serious matters, as breathing natural gas can be toxic and cause serious illness or health problems. Unlike a plumbing leak which causes signs you can see like wet drywall or water spots on your floor, a gas leak really only gives you one clue you can follow: the smell. It’s easy to tell when you may have a gas leak, but finding the actual source of the leak is significantly tougher. That’s why when you smell gas in your home, it’s critical that you leave your home, turn off your emergency gas valve, and call a skilled Elkhart gas leak repair expert from Henry Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

When you call Henry Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, you can be assured that we treat your gas leak like the emergency that it is. We respond quickly to your call and then use the latest tools and methods to accurately locate the leak and determine the best way to fix it. Customers have trusted their homes to us since 1952, and over our more than six decades in history we’ve proudly earned our reputation for dependability and excellence in times where perfection is mandatory. We know how stressful your situation can be when you have a gas leak, and we make sure to deliver nothing short of outstanding professionalism and workmanship that stands up to even the most rigorous standards of quality.

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What Causes Gas Leaks?

Gas leaks can happen for a variety of reasons. Gasses and liquids are both “fluids,” which means all it takes is a microscopic fracture in the line transporting them for a leak to form. These small fractures can happen for a number of different reasons. While most major leaks happen as a result of some sort of drastic change to your system, there are plenty of small factors that can contribute to leaks forming.

Gas leaks can be caused by:

  • Gas line age
  • Corrosion
  • Changes in gas pressure
  • Foundation shifting or settling
  • Collapsed lines
  • Slab damage

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

There may be times where you can’t necessarily smell a gas leak. Sometimes the leak is so small that the smell is all but disbursed by the time the gas leaks into the air. That doesn’t mean that the gas has disbursed—over time, the gas will still continue to build up, and that can lead to serious problems. That means every homeowner should be paying attention for signs of a gas leak at all times in order to quickly react if they discover one.

A gas-powered stove or range is arguably your best friend when it comes to detecting gas leaks. If the flame on your burner appears weak, feeble, or orange or yellow in color as opposed to a vibrant blue, then there’s more than likely a problem with your gas line allowing too much nitrogen and oxygen into the mixture. Likewise, if you find that the pilot light in your furnace, water heater, or gas-powered fireplace frequently gives out, then there’s a good chance it isn’t getting enough gas, signaling a problem in your line.

When you suspect you may have a gas line leak, make sure you trust the experts from Henry Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to get it fixed right. Contact us today.

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